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Know More about NOKIN Solar Road Studs

Shenzhen NOKIN is a professional manufacturer of solar road studs. The solar road studs produced are raised, buried, horseshoe-shaped, ultra-thin, and have a variety of styles, which are suitable to be placed anywhere.


NOKIN solar road stud A1 is horseshoe style. Its visible distance can reach 800 meters. Solar road stud A1 is a newly developed special mixed glue with excellent anti-corrosion performance, which can protect the mirror from corrosion. Can be placed a place closer to the water. For example: riverside, bridgehead, deck, etc. The waterproof grade can reach the industry standard IP68.

The solar road stud A1 is made of the aluminum frame can withstand greater impact. Compressive resistance of 20 tons. Sandblasting, smooth edge curve, can better cushion the tire compressor. NOKIN solar road stud A1 can also be placed on the roadside, gardens, industrial parks and other places. Good anti-stress effect.
NOKIN also has a solar road stud that is more resistant to pressure. The flexible solar panel of the solar road stud is better than traditional solar panels, and it can be bent. Low power consumption and long life. The solar road stud newly developed by NOKIN has 6 ultra-bright LEDs with a visible range of over 800 meters. It can withstand greater impact and resist corrosion for a long time. Withstand pressure of 40 tons. The smooth curve without sharp edges can better cushion the tire compressor. The waterproof rating of solar road studs can reach the industry standard IP68. It can be very effective in waterproofing. Low power consumption, long working hours, and easy installation are the main selling points. The solar road stud can be used for more than 60 hours after being fully charged. The normal life cycle can last 3-5 years. It has been widely used in different road conditions, such as dim sunlight, rainy weather and heavy trucks.
With these advantages (shock resistance, waterproof, strong light absorption, interlocking design), NOKIN solar road studs can be installed in any harsh place with bad sunlight and rainy days. NOKIN solar road studs is widely used in the European Union, the United States and other countries. The product not only has safety performance, but also has a beautiful appearance. At night, it is like a necklace, dressing up a city and a road.