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Nokin Solar Traffic Signs

NOKIN Solar Traffic Sign, as the name implies, is "traffic sign" + "solar energy", which means that it uses electricity directly converted from solar energy and does not need to be powered by grid power. Now let's introduce the unique advantages of Nokin Solar Traffic Sign.


1. Material selection: polycarbonate plastic with high strength, high light transmittance, impact resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance is selected for the transparent mirror surface. The shell is made of aluminum alloy frame, and the overall anti-stamping and anti-aging performance is strong. 
2. Circuit protection system: design overcharge and overdischarge circuit protection, balance current circuit stability, circuit board uses environmentally friendly FR4 epoxy board, better protection performance. 
3. Automatic light control mode: In dim light or at night, the solar traffic sign will automatically glow and flicker without manual control. 
4. Flashing light performance: The solar traffic sign flashing light adopts a sealed structure combined lamp group, a vacuum coating reflector, high brightness, good warning effect, polycarbonate lampshade, impact resistance, aging resistance, good sealing effect of the whole lamp, and very good Good water resistance. 
5. Personalized customization: The reflective materials of NOKIN solar traffic signs are high-strength reflective film, engineering-grade reflective film, and 3M reflective film, which can be configured according to customer requirements. 
6. Easy installation: no need for external power supply, no need to lay lines, convenient and firm.


From a functional point of view, during the production process of Solar traffic signs, the combination of LEDs and reflective films makes road traffic signs have their own "active light". NOKIN Solar traffic signs can be used by traffic participants in any road and climate environment. Visual recognition is significantly better than the "passive reflection" of pure reflective film technology, and its performance is very good. 

From an economic point of view, NOKIN Solar traffic sign has greatly improved the active preventive role of traffic signs in traffic safety, significantly reduced the incidence of traffic accidents, directly or indirectly produced huge traffic safety economic benefits, and increased investment in traffic safety projects And output ratio.

solar speed-limited-sign

NOKIN Solar traffic sign placed in the isolation section between urban intersections, sidewalks and buildings can not only serve as a warning to moving vehicles, but also show a city's low-carbon and energy-saving atmosphere.
The solar traffic signs from NOKIN are many different shapes and patterns, such as solar pedestrian crossing signs, flashing led stop signs, solar speed limit signs, etc. high-quality solar sign products and services have won us a good reputation and laid the foundation for our industry.