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NOKIN Solar LED Traffic Signs For Road Safety

Solar led traffic sign is a kind of traffic sign. It is composed of sign surface, sign bottom plate, solar panel, controller, and light-emitting unit (LED). Solar traffic sign uses words and patterns to convey warning, prohibition, and instruction information to drivers and pedestrians. Manage road traffic safety facilities. During the day, solar panels absorb sunlight and convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in energy storage devices. At night, the electrical energy in the energy storage devices is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by photoelectric switches), and the LED emits bright light to outline the pattern , To convey traffic information. Solar led traffic sign provides road users with accurate road traffic information to make the road safe and unblocked. It is related to the life and property safety of drivers and pedestrians. Solar traffic sign is an indispensable auxiliary facility for traffic safety.


The world without light is dark, but the light pollution caused by the bright light cannot be underestimated. Light pollution has invaded the lives of all people everywhere. When night falls, the dazzling and dazzling shopping malls, the neon lights above the hotel, light box advertisements and signs, and the incandescent lighting of the construction site with night permits, illuminate the night as if it were during the day, dazzling. Some strong beams even hit the sky, making the night look like daytime. The light pollution caused by the lanterns at night has made people turn a blind eye to signs that rely on passive reflection. The solar led road sign was born under this background.

In the late 1990s, with the large-scale popularization of LED products and technologies, they were the first to be used by traffic lights due to their high brightness, long life, and low energy consumption. Subsequently, the birth of solar LED traffic signs brought road signs to a new stage. Compared with reflective film sign materials, reflective film traffic signs are passively luminous, which are more recognizable and easy to recognize in the day and when the light is relatively sufficient; while solar LED road signs can just make up for the environmental conditions that the reflective film cannot meet, such as night travel , Dense fog and sand and dust weather, reducing the hidden dangers of traffic accidents.


NOKIN solar led road signs can be customized into various patterns and different sizes. The shell is made of aluminum plate, using chips imported from Taiwan Epistar. The LED light source has high brightness and long service life. Solar led traffic sign has good recognition and reading performance during the day or night, especially in bad weather conditions such as rain and fog. Distance light penetration. The LED adopts Epistar chip, which has high brightness, long service life and good warning effect. NOKIN solar traffic sign selects wafer chips and packages, with guaranteed quality and a life span of 100,000 hours. The reflective film uses the 3M brand to ensure good retroreflective performance; multiple waterproof treatments, waterproof battery covers, waterproof connectors, and waterproof switches, NOKIN can ensure that the solar road sign can work normally in rainy days. Waterproof rating: IP58.


Solar led traffic signs are suitable for installation in:
1. Expressway: the upstream transition area of the ramp entrance, ramp entrance curve, fog area, curve, service area, toll station, long downhill curve, etc.
2. Urban roads: bus lanes, pedestrian bridges, bicycle lanes, urban greenways, intersections, construction sections, pedestrian crossings, etc.
3. Public places: airports, high-speed rail stations, railway stations, schools, gas stations, parks, tourist attractions, commercial venues, residential quarters, sports venues, parking lots, hospitals, subways, rail transit, etc.