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Talk about Flush LED solar road stud light

With the rapid development of road construction, people's awareness of traffic safety is getting stronger and stronger. As a new type of road traffic sign, Flush LED solar road stud light are gradually widely used in various expressways and municipal highways. On the basis of road markings, solar road stud lights can also emit light, so that vehicles can guide the road more prominently. Its use greatly reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents.


The flush solar road stud have plastic shells and cast aluminum shells, and different styles of road studs are made of different materials. They all use solar cells as charging components, nickel metal hydride batteries, or lithium batteries as energy storage components, and use LEDs to emit light. In the evening, solar road stud lights flash or stay on at a certain frequency, because in the dark, people's vision is more sensitive to light perception, so its dynamic warning effect is very strong, and the function of active lighting can not only avoid Interference under adverse weather conditions such as rain and fog, and the visual distance is longer, which increases the driver's reaction time to the road conditions ahead.
Each solar road stud light uses high-quality solar panels, which absorb sunlight quickly, have high luminous intensity, and are more warning. They can also beautify the road and enhance the image of the road. On the road where the solar road stud lights are installed, the effect it presents is like diamonds inlaid on the road. Its compression and wear resistance are also very strong, and it can bear more than 30 tons of weight. And the service life is as long as three years or even longer.
When this kind of flush solar road stud light is installed, the glue used to stick the road stud and the ground needs a certain amount of time to solidify, making it more reliable in the future use process. This time is generally recommended to be 6-8 If the time is too short, it may cause the road studs to deform or even fall off, so special attention must be paid to this.
Whether it is a Flush road stud light with a plastic shell or an aluminum solar road stud light, the installation method of the flush road stud is fixed on the road surface with glue. Compared with plastic, the aluminum one is more resistant to compression and wear. Stronger, so it is suitable for highways, airports, or the centerline and sidelines of urban roads, zebra crossings, etc. The flat solar road studs made of plastic are mostly used in the courtyard of high-end buildings, or municipal constructions such as parks, and play a role in aesthetic decoration.