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LED Solar road stud lights are also used as underground lights

In addition to being installed on the road to warn drivers and passengers and guide the road, LED solar road stud can also be laid on the ground as decorative lights. Because these road stud lights can be set to be colorful, especially in parks and some It is very common in the municipal square. It not only plays the role of basic lighting but also decorates the night environment. It can also be said to be used as artistic lighting.


Road stud lights are also frequently used in some urban buildings, or high-end residential areas and restaurants. In addition, they use solar energy as energy, which is greener and environmentally friendly. Its material is hard and wear-resistant and has low energy consumption, good waterproof performance, long service life, and good light transmission. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for beauty are getting higher and higher, so solar road stud lights are also popular among some A favorite of architectural designers.
If solar road stud lights are used for decoration, aluminum-embedded or plastic materials are generally selected. embedded aluminum solar road stud are generally installed on the edge of the road. According to the size of the road studs, holes are punched into the ground, and then Inject special glue, is put in the road studs, and wait for the glue to solidify for 2-4 hours before the installation is complete. We have two types of plastic material that are more suitable, one is round 360-degree lighting, and the other is an ultra-thin style. These two types are directly fixed and installed on the edge of the road with glue. They are also used as decorative lights. There is no need to have a large load-bearing capacity, so these two models are also more popular in terms of appearance and shape.
In some schools, solar road studs are often used as night lighting for some roads on campus, because it is more convenient. Compared with some special decorative lights, it is smaller and easier to install, and it does not need to use mains power. It does not require the maintenance of manpower and material resources, and the most important thing is that it does not occupy space resources.
Solar road stud lights can be used as decoration in swimming pools, fountains, pedestrian streets, theaters, parking lots, green belts, squares, sculptures, gardens, parks, and tourist attractions, not only can illuminate the environment, but also beautify the environment and add luster to life. High-power and ultra-high-brightness LEDs are used as light sources to uniformly irradiate within a specific range to ensure the highest utilization rate of light; at the same time, the shell of solar road stud lights is dustproof and waterproof and has a longer service life.