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Some Tips for Solar Road Studs

Small solar road stud lights have a lot to do with them. From the small internal parts to the material of the outer shell, the choice of each part and the production of each process are related to the service life of the road stud. Therefore, when a customer places an order, we usually show the customer our samples first, and let them consider whether to cooperate with us. After comparing the quality of the products, we will naturally see the outcome.


Solar road studs are subjected to the rolling and impact of vehicles every day, and a little loosening of the solder joints will cause the lines to loosen and fall off. Therefore, when choosing welding torches and solder, you must choose high-quality products to ensure that the solder joints are firm and reliable, and can work in a relatively "harsh" environment for a long time. For products installed on the road, due to welding problems, the compression resistance is not good, and the product is either crushed or separated from top to bottom. This is caused by unreasonable structure, which is the main manifestation of unreasonable structure.
The function of solar road studs is to remind drivers to avoid in advance using synchronous flashing and to guide the direction in rainy and foggy weather or periods of low visibility. Compared with reflective road studs, it has the advantages of active light emission and flashing reminders. The nail has the advantages of preventing dizziness and clear and orderly warning reminders.
The environment in which LED road studs are used is complex and changeable, and the temperature and humidity may vary greatly, so the requirements for the product are relatively high. In addition, the solar panel must be a high-hardness, wear-resistant circuit board. Solar panels are subjected to the rolling and wear of wheels every day. If the strength is not enough, it is easy to wear and tear, which will affect the conversion efficiency of solar panels.
Solar LED road stud lights are more out of consideration for the environment, using solar panels to provide stable power self-sufficiency, not dependent on city cables, both environmentally friendly and energy saving, so this is also the first choice for creating an environmentally friendly society, solar energy The active luminescence of road studs can not only avoid the interference of rain and fog to the greatest extent but also free the driver's sight from relying on car lights, with a longer viewing distance and better effects.