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2023 Popular Solar Roads Stud Application

1. Advantages of solar road stud lights
Based on the design concept, the solar road stud has been improved on the basis of ordinary road studs, and the setting of LED lights has been added. Most of the traditional solar road stud lights are equipped with reflectors or reflective beads. When a vehicle passes by at night, it reflects the light of the vehicle to remind it of the direction it is going and whether there are obstacles around it. However, the active lighting of LED lights and the function of dynamic warning can break away from the dependence on car lights. Moreover, its visual distance can reach more than 800 meters, and the reaction time for drivers and passengers can be extended to about 30 seconds.


2. The energy source of solar road stud lights
Road studs are generally installed on the centerline or edge of the road as a traffic safety product. The biggest advantage of solar road studs is that their energy comes from solar energy. In short, it can be used as long as there is sun, and it does not need wiring and electricity to provide lighting. Therefore, mountainous roads with scarce resources or inaccessible places can be installed with solar road stud lights.
3. Diversity of use of road stud lights
Traditional road studs may only be used as road safety products alone. With the diversification of road stud materials, its usage scenarios are also expanding, such as fitness trails in parks, municipal squares, high-end buildings, underground garages, and private courtyards. , modern scenic spots, etc., all use different types of solar road studs as lighting decorations. When night comes, solar road stud lights are like art lights, which can flash at the same frequency or can be synchronized with constant light mode. The color of the lamp beads can also be customized For color.
4. The service life of solar road stud lights is long
The installation of solar road studs is simple and convenient, no need to dig roads and lay lines, and it is not affected by the geographical environment. The main feature of solar road stud lights is that the service life is very long, generally speaking, the service life is about 3-5 years. As a traffic safety product, the effect of road warning induction is obvious. The practical application proves that the use of solar road studs can reduce the incidence of accidents and reduce the probability of wrong driving routes.
5. Solar road stud lights have high energy storage efficiency
The current LED road stud lights are mainly installed on the ground. Due to the requirement for the height of the ground protrusion, there are also restrictions on the size of this kind of road stud, especially since the height is strictly limited. Regardless of a small solar road stud, the monocrystalline silicon solar panel used in it can provide night lighting for more than ten days after a full charge.