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Solar Traffic Signs--A Good Helper On The Road At Night

In the late 1990s, with the large-scale promotion and popularization of LED products and technologies, it was the first to be used in traffic lights because of its high brightness, long life, and low energy consumption. Subsequently, the birth of solar LED traffic signs has brought road signs to a new stage. Compared with reflective film sign materials, reflective film traffic signs belong to passive lighting, which is highly recognizable and easy to identify in the daytime and when the light is relatively sufficient; and solar LEDs can just make up for the environmental conditions that reflective film cannot meet, such as night walking, dense fog and dusty weather, reducing the hidden danger of traffic accidents.


So, why do solar LED traffic signs have these advantages? The specific light-emitting diode (LED) itself determines these. In addition to having the performance of a traditional light source, LEDs offer some of the following advantages.

First is not easy to break, easy to transport and installation; second is the light source unit is small, making the cloth light flexible and efficient, can be adjusted according to the specific situation of the layout position, produce different effects of the lighting program, better show the lighting effect in the night scene; then is the LED than the traditional light source luminous efficiency, more energy efficient, longer life also, fast start; finally is environmentally friendly, no radiation to the human body, is conducive to the protection of the environment. 


These advantages make the solar LED traffic signs formed their own advantages: solar energy as the energy source, LED as the light source, strobe form to send information, can play a good warning role in the driver long-distance driving fatigue, can also reduce the road in the congestion caused by narrowing the driver misjudgment, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It can be said that the warning effect is greatly improved by solar road signs, to ensure traffic road safety has played a positive role in promoting.

With the rapid development of high-grade highways and the emergence of various high-tech products, traffic signs as an important part of the city's public infrastructure, will certainly develop in the direction of standardization and high-speed. Solar LED traffic signs in the production process must also have its certain inspection process, first low-temperature salt spray sampling, and then high-temperature sampling test, test the work performance to meet the industry standard requirements, meet the requirements before the final packaging, marking, inspection factory, otherwise it is rework some of the correction process before the inspection and factory process.

The existence of solar LED traffic signs on the road at night fully reflects the new concept of people-oriented traffic safety, the personal safety of drivers and the safety of road facilities can be said to have a certain degree of protection. The best way to select solar LED traffic signs is to choose the best quality brand manufacturers, if you have the need to Purchase solar powered road signs, you may want to consider the NOKIN traffic, old manufacturers produce trustworthy.