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NOKIN Solar Road Stud For Sale

Today, I write this article just to record another major breakthrough of NOKIN in the process of producing solar road studs. In last year's article, I mentioned that NOKIN has upgraded the factory, which has been upgraded from the previous factory with chaotic management and backward equipment to A modern factory with automation and orderly management not only guarantees the quality of the solar road studs we produce, but also ensures the delivery time of the road studs sold, so that these products can reach the hands of customers on time.


Like the busy March every year, NOKIN still received challenging orders in March 2022. In addition to the orders we are currently in the schedule, NOKIN received an order of 15,000 solar road studs. In order to ensure the delivery time promised to customers, the workers in NOKIN road stud factory did not rest on weekends. The factory manager divided the workers into two teams, one team produced the current solar road studs order, and the other team rushed to make the big customer's order. In the end, NOKIN Delivered on time and shipped the road stud out.


We all know that for an exporting company, sales ability is very important, but more important is the supply of the supply chain. NOKIN knows this deeply. More than 90% of road studs for sale from NOKIN have been well received by customers. This is not only the credit of the sales team, but also the credit of every worker in the NOKIN factory who worked silently. We all know that there are small components in solar road studs, such as lamp beads, motherboards, controllers, etc. The links of these small components need to be soldered manually, and there is no way to mass machine production, so NOKIN road studs are so low In the non-performing rate, these silent workers and the factory's strict management have made a great contribution. Only in this way can customers place their orders to NOKIN with confidence.


As a leader in the road stud industry, NOKIN's factory is already very clean and modern, capable of handling large orders, as well as providing meticulous services and personalized solutions for small and medium-sized customers. NOKIN is also Keep working hard, in the past few years, we have served nearly 100 customers' needs for customized solar road studs, such as mold customization, logo customization, solar road stud lamp color customization, etc. Tell NOKIN your needs, NOKIN will definitely give you a satisfactory solar road stud product.