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solar led stop sign
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Solar LED Stop Sign

Solar flashing led stop sign; Model: NK-FB40-2
Voltage: DC 12V
Size: 600/800/1000mm
Visual distance: >800m
Working time in rainy days:>360hrs
Reflective film: 3M Engineering grade or 3M diamond grade
NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY is founded in the year of 2001, with more than 18 years manufacturing on road stud and solar traffic signs. Strict quality control is implemented in all aspects of operations to meet the high standards. NOKIN is always working on to expand its production line on other advanced solar traffic security facilities. We only provide the products with high-quality, competitive price and perfect after-sale service. Once you have problems in installation or maintaining, we will ask for professional engineers to give you reasonable suggestions. We want to establish long-term cooperation relationship with old and new friends all over the world.

    flashing stop sign    solar led stop sign    solar flashing led stop sign

The advantages of solar powered traffic signs:

1. High brightness. 
The ordinary traffic signs cannot give out light actively, and they can only reflect light, while the brightness of solar powered traffic signs can be up to 2000MCD, which can penetrate fog to guide the drivers and pedestrians effectively.
2. Energy saving.
The solar powered traffic signs absorb solar energy, which is transformed into electrical energy and stored in the battery in daytime, and blinking or lighting constantly at night. These traffic signs, which can be recycled and reused, are environmentally friendly and energy saving. 
3. Long visual distance.
The visual distance of ordinary traffic signs are only 100 meters or more, while that of solar led traffic signs are over 800 meters, 8 or more times of the former, which can let the drivers or pedestrians know the road condition in advance.


Solar LED Stop Sign
- Long working time. this solar led stop sign can work over 360 hours if fully charged by solar energy.
- Solar panel on the top of the board to absorb solar energy.
- Designed by integrated circuit and thermo stability rechargeable batteries. Ensure the long serving life and performance of the product.
- Different sized for clients to choose. 
- Give out light automatically, not reflect the light giving out by other subjects.
- Made of aluminum & galvanized sheet. 
- Long visual distance, which is 8 more time of the ordinary traffic signs.
- Customized service according to the customer's requirement.
- Using solar energy, lower consumption. 
Specification :
Body material: Aluminium& Galvanized sheet
Reflective film: 3m diamond film or engineering grade
Power supply: Solar panel(monocrystalline 15V/10W)
Battery: 11.1V/10AH Lithium Battery
LED Ultra bright: 8pcs
LED color: Red
Light control: 24/7 flashing; Customized
Visual distance: >800m
Size: 24'/30'/36' or customized
Working hours: Fully charge at 8 hours and can working 360 hours
Water proof: IP65
Life span: 3-5years
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