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Solar Road Studs Installation Notes

Solar road stud has been widely used around the world, so the quality and service life of solar road stud has been paid more attention. But in the actual application process, often because of the installation problem and lead to the phenomenon of damage and reduce the service life of the solar road stud. Based on years of construction experience, the author summarizes the common problems in the process of solar road stud installation, and puts forward reasonable installation methods.


First, it is wrong to install the solar road stud on the marking line. Marking is also a kind of resin material, which is attached to the ground itself, and its connecting force with the ground is limited to a certain extent. If the solar road studs are installed on the marking line, the impact force on the road studs will be transferred to the marking line completely. In this way, the solar road studs will be easily impacted and the marking line will also be glued off. 


Second, do not install solar road studs in uneven areas. The direct result of this is that the stress on the solar road stud is not uniform, and the stress on the solar stud is almost concentrated in the convex and concave parts. If you encounter a large tonnage vehicle, the road stud is easy to break.

Third, the installation position of the solar road stud is not clean, which will also lead to product damage. The firmness of road stud depends on the close combination of solar stud, glue and ground. If the installation position of the road stud is not clean, the dust will absorb most of the adhesive force of the glue, resulting in the weak bond of the solar road stud, which is easy to fall off when it is impacted by external force.

There are three common problems in the process of solar road stud installation. NOKIN is willing to provide you with consultation and service. Please visit our homepage.