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NOKIN Solar Road Stud Lights with Reflectors

Today I'm going to show you a solar road stud. The product -- solar road stud light NK-RS-A6-1 is independently designed, developed and produced by Shenzhen NOKIN Traffic Facilities Co., LTD, and has passed a series of national standard tests.


NOKIN have a picture of this solar road stud reflectors on the official website: the beautiful solar road stud reflectors flashes blue light, illuminating a dark road. From the appearance point of view, this solar road stud light is square, with LED lights on both sides (6 super bright bulbs). This solar stud reflector has handles on both sides, which is for easy installation.


The internal configuration of solar road stud with reflectors is also reassuring. NOKIN solar road stud A6-1 uses high brightness America brand LED light with 100000 hours of working time. And the super long working time ensures the high cost performance of the product.

The sola road stud light also uses USA brand solar panel with 22% high conversion rate. Solar road stud with reflectors can quickly convert solar energy into electric energy and complete long-term work under the condition of short charging time.


Shenzhen NOKIN Traffic Facilities Co., LTD have a professional research, development and design team, responsible sales team and enthusiastic after-sales team. It is our intention that makes NOKIN solar road stud light of excellent quality and proud sales.

If you want to know more about solar road stud, please contact NOKIN. We have professional and extensive knowledge of solar road stud light, which can solve all your doubts about this solar road studs.