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Solar Road Studs-A Way to Intelligent Highway

Solar road studs are road signs that glow at night. They are regarded as small highlands on the road, marking the boundary of the lane and improving driving safety. Cat's Eye is a traditional road maker, usually installed on roads all over the world. However, with the advancement of solar technology, a new type of metal road stud is entering the market. They are solar road studs.

Solar road studs absorb solar energy from the sun and emit light when it is dark. Although solar road studs feel better, their adoption seems to be slow. In this article, we will learn about these new road studs and why they are a promising replacement.

Solar road studs are flashing solar devices attached to the road. As an alternative to cat eyes, they are road safety signs that help improve driver attention. Solar road studs work as isolated units and do not depend on the power grid. During the day, they absorb sunlight and release the stored energy at night. We use the solar road studs to mark the edge and centerline of the lane.


Solar road studs are simple electrical devices. They consist of a solar cell, LED light, battery, shield and light switch. Solar road studs are themselves light sources. In addition, the light generated by the light-emitting diode is strong and bright. Even at a few hundred meters, solar road studs are effective. In heavy rain and fog, the performance of these devices is far better than traditional reflective road studs. Moreover, in the snow, they are more effective. A single-charged solar road stud can last for more than 6 days. Therefore, when the sun is low, especially in winter, the battery has enough energy to illuminate the LED for many nights.


A common driving problem is that an oncoming vehicle suddenly dazzles and causes a fatal accident. This is because the light beam flickers directly to your eyes from the vehicle approaching you. This will make you temporarily blind. Solar road studs also help alleviate this problem. When road signs are self-illuminated, the need for bright headlights is optional and unnecessary. In areas where traffic lights and street lights are out of reach, in remote and rural areas, solar road studs are a promising device.