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Good Quality Solar Road Studs to Help the Steady Development of Traffic Safety

Nowadays, when we drive our car, we can clearly see the various traffic facilities and signs on the road. Most of them are traffic signs and traffic markings. Secondly, road studs and delineators are also indispensable.  So today, let's get to know more about NOKIN, a supplier of solar road studs with better quality, better service and more considerate after-sales service!

Please let me make some popular science first. NOKIN solar road stud is a kind of transportation product. It uses sunlight to obtain energy and uses LED as the light source. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and convenient installation. With the continuous increase in the number of cars, the demand for humanized marking and warning in road design is constantly increasing. The cost of using city power supply to warn is too high, and solar road studs and solar road signs will be more suitable choose.


In fact, in developed countries, the habit of watching the markings during the day and watching the "road studs" at night has long been formed. NOKIN solar road studs are produced in accordance with a number of design standards and have obtained safety inspections. Traditional road studs have defects such as simple appearance, light-emitting only by reflective film, small base size, poor fixing performance, inability to withstand rolling, reflective film can not actively emit light, and poor warning effect. However, the solar road studs customized by NOKIN have a beautiful appearance, which can be used for road guidance and decoration purposes:


01 Urban sidewalks, park paths, etc. need to beautify the night scene and other areas and road surfaces;
02 At crossroads/zebra crossings (deceleration reminder);
03 sharp turns on the road;
04 Foggy areas (seaside, airport roads);
05 Green stones on the side of highways and roads without street lights;
06 The position of the guide line at the entrance and exit of the elevated and tunnel;
07 road island, vehicle diversion point (around the triangle ground horizontal line);
08 railway ramp crossing;
09 toll station lane line;
10 Solar road studs are mostly used in accident-prone areas (to ensure that they can play their role at the top when power facilities fail and can light up normally);