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Solar Road Stud with Cat-eye Glass Bead Reflectors

Smart, safe and sustainable solar road studs have been proven to improve road safety at night. Provides a view of the road layout ahead within the driver's natural line of sight, and is far beyond the headlight beam of the vehicle. The common road studs include ordinary reflective road studs, glass road studs, solar road studs, etc. But have you ever seen solar road studs with cat-eye glass beads? 

Solar road stud with reflective cat-eye glass beads, including housing, light-emitting LED light source, control circuit, photovoltaic module, power storage element, cat-eye glass bead reflector, light-emitting LED light source, photovoltaic module, power storage element through the line and control circuit Connected; the shape of the solar road stud shell is a platform-shaped body with a light-emitting LED light source and a cat-eye glass bead reflector in the middle of the side; or a stacked platform-shaped body and the inclination angle of the upper and lower platform sides is reasonably set to ensure the anti-compression and anti-compression of the road stud The impact performance meets the size requirements of the national standard, and also meets the respective setting requirements of the light-emitting LED light source and the cat's eye glass bead reflector. This new type of cat's eye glass beads has both reflective and active luminous functions, and because the reflective cat's eye glass beads are used as reflective devices, it has the advantages of anti-rolling impact, not easy to aging, etc., and the solar road stud has a longer service life.
In fact, we often see the predecessor of this solar road stud. The reflective components of the solar road studs we usually see are reflectors instead of cat-eye glass reflectors. Their working principles are the same, even the LEDs of the road studs were damage and will not self-illuminate, and the reflective components of the solar road stud body can still be used as a warning by reflecting the headlights. NOKIN has 5 types of similar solar road studs, and the reflective components used are all reflective sheets.


In the current national highway safety guarantee project, various high-tech traffic safety facilities have been widely used, which have played an important role in improving highway traffic safety and reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. Practice has proved that in rainy and foggy weather and bends, solar road studs play an important role in delineating the outline of the road, guiding the driver's sight, and eliminating hidden dangers.

This solar road stud with cat-eye glass bead reflector can be widely used in highway entrances (ramps), curved roads, toll stations, school entrances (exit), community intersections, gardens, hotels, parks, and other public activities Places, etc.