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All You Need to Know About Solar Road Studs Markers

Driving on a dark road, you may occasionally see flashes of light from some devices mounted on the road. These devices are called solar road studs, or solar cat eyes (due to their design) or raised pavement marker. These solar road studs consist of a solar panel and self-illuminating LED beads that glow from their own battery power and make the road visible to drivers. Solar road stud markers are bonded or fixed within the pavement and are used to mark lanes and delineate visibility at night.

solar road stud markers on road


The predecessor of solar road stud marker was the traditional reflective road stud, which was created due to technological advances and changing needs. The original road studs were invented by British inventor Percy Shaw in 1933 and patented in the UK in 1934. in 1935. They were designed to help drivers travel along roads in darkness or fog. He came up with the idea after observing the way car headlights reflected off of road signs. Shaw founded a company called Reflecting Roadstuds Ltd. which was the first company to manufacture road studs.


Solar road stud markers come in different sizes and are available in aluminum, rigid ABS plastic or glass. They can withstand heavy loads and severe impacts. Solar road stud markers can have reflectors on one side, both sides or all sides, and they can have no reflective devices, just LED lights. Reflectors can be of various colors, depending on their intended use. Below are a few different types of solar road stud markers from NOKIN.



The most widespread use of solar road stud markers is to be installed on roads to outline the road and serve as a warning. In recent years we have seen more applications for solar road studs, such as parks, bridges, piers, railings, heads of cattle and sheep, etc. Some solar road markers with good pressure resistance can now be used in combination with traffic lights and signs to form an intelligent traffic system, where the solar road studs are installed on crosswalks and the color of the spikes changes with the color of the traffic lights to remind vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to safety.


NOKIN is a professional solar road stud marker supplier, founded in 2001, dedicated to providing intelligent road safety solutions to customers around the world, with 13 different solar road stud markers and 5 reflective road studs, 5 solar road studs patented technology, NOKIN solar road stud markers have been sold to more than 60 countries around the world, perhaps you are NOKIN's next partner!