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Solar Road Stud Supplier NOKIN is Upgrading Factory

At the beginning of June, NOKIN began to upgrade the solar road stud factory. The goal is to transform the workshop that produces solar road stud into a dust-free workshop, because in an ordinary production environment, solar panels and LED lamp beads will inevitably be stained during the production process. Such a solar road stud will have impurities in the light of the lamp bead when the lamp bead is on. This is a problem that needs to be solved for NOKIN, which requires high-quality solar road stud products.


At present, the transformation of the solar road stud factory is only carried out in general, because it is a bit slow to complete the transformation of the factory while producing, and it is not a small challenge for NOKIN to complete the transformation without affecting customer orders. In order to upgrade the factory, NOKIN purchased a lot of equipment, including a machine for automatic glue filling of solar road stud. With such a machine, the glue filling of the solar road studs will be much more accurate, avoiding the overflow caused by manual glue filling due to inaccurate estimation. After the spilled glue dries, workers have to remove the glue from the solar road studs. This unknowingly increases labor costs and affects the appearance of the finished solar road studs.

NOKIN also introduced a machine that automatically packs solar road studs. In the past, every time a large number of solar road stud orders were placed, in order to speed up the packaging, all the workers would go to origami boxes to pack the solar road studs. Friends who are familiar with solar road studs know that solar road studs are heavy goods. A small solar road stud does not feel heavy, but the weight of a box is not light. Workers need to move around to pack and seal the box. Every time they ship, they sweat profusely. With the baler, you only need to put the cartons on the machine, seal the cartons, and complete the baling strips at one time. Only two people are required to do the work. This saves a lot of labor and improves the production rate of solar road studs.


After the completion of this factory upgrade, the monthly production capacity of NOKIN's solar road studs will reach 40,000. In the past, customers always complained about the long delivery time of solar road studs. NOKIN is also working hard to solve this problem, so we implemented this renovation of the factory. This is also a good thing for NOKIN customers. If you are looking for a solar road stud factory with strong production capacity, then welcome to NOKIN to have a look. Both offline and online factory inspections are possible!

NOKIN is an old company with more than ten years of experience in the production of solar road studs. There are 17 types of road studs, including 12 solar road studs and 5 reflective road studs. The production of solar signs will be added later. NOKIN solar road studs will also Conquering many customers with high quality, NOKIN solar road studs are exported to South Korea, the United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines, Europe and many other countries. After the factory is completely upgraded, I will share the news with you as soon as possible. Please continue to pay attention to the news on our website!