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Why Are Solar Road Studs Used?

Solar Road Studs are road safety devices that differ in that they do not require electricity to emit warning lights and are easy to install, preferring solar road studs to expensive lighting streetlights. The predecessor of solar road studs is actually a traditional reflective road stud or cat's eye. Because the reflective road stud in the rain or fog weather warning effect is limited, can not be very effective reflection car headlights of the light to play a warning role, solar road studs were born.


Solar road studs consist of solar panels, LEDs, batteries and housings. Solar panels at the top of the solar road studs absorb solar energy during the day, convert it into electrical energy stored in the battery, and automatically convert the electrical energy from the storage device into light energy at night (controlled by photoelectric switch), displaying the path outline through the LED light to guide the driver's line of sight.

These solar road studs act like reflective road studs, but use solar energy to power embedded LED lights. By increasing the driver's reaction time, the addition of embedded LED lights to each solar road studs gives these reflectors a significant advantage over conventional studs. Since reaction times are primarily visual, solar road stud provide up to 30 seconds of response time for drivers, compared with 3.2 seconds for conventional road stud. Increased driver visibility tenfold can reduce accident rates by up to 70%.


With the popularity of solar road studs, its appearance and function is also diversified, in NOKIN, there are 2 plastic solar road studs, they have transparent shells, compared with other ordinary solar road studs, light transmission is better, light up at night is very beautiful, so they are more used by customers to decorate the garden or dock, so some people call them solar dock lights or solar deck lights. NOKIN also has a heavy duty solar road studs, which can be installed in the middle of the road, so this solar road stud can be combined with traffic lights to form an intelligent zebra crossing system, which is common in China and around the world.


The use of solar road studs not only represents the development of solar energy technology, but also reflects people's attention to road safety. NOKIN is also working to study more types of solar road studs, expand the use of solar road studs products, welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factories in China, or email to inquire about the price of solar road studs.