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Solar Road Stud Lights Applied On Zebra Crossing

Solar road stud lights has been widely used in various fields. Of course, the most important way to use solar road studs is as traffic safety facilities to ensure the safety of pedestrians and passing vehicles.

In Shenzhen, solar road stud lights are installed on zebra crossings to alert drivers to pedestrians crossing the road and to tell pedestrians whether they can pass now. On November 5, CCTV reported that Shenzhen traffic police took various measures to ensure that pedestrians have the right to use the road preferentially. In particular, it introduced a new technological product, that is, a row of yellow solar road stud lights are installed in front of the zebra crossing to make the intersection clearer at night. The reporter called it "smart zebra crossing".
smart zebra crossing

The scientific name of smart zebra crossing is called intelligent road stud, or "pedestrian crossing intelligent road stud". Smart zebra crossing is a part of intelligent transportation system. In some places, it is also called "intelligent zebra crossing" and "diversified zebra crossing". They are all designed to solve the problem of people and vehicles competing for the road on the zebra crossing.
solar-led-road-studs on road

The simplest and most reliable "wireless synchronous embedded solar road stud lights" has the following advantages: 

1) Convenient construction, no need to cut the pavement groove. Just drill holes. The damage to asphalt layer is the least. 
2) The solar road stud lights can realize the synchronous flicker of wireless control without interconnection and control box control.

The simplest is the most reliable, which is the consistent design concept of solar road stud lights.