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Solar Road Studs With Reflectors

Solar road stud can be divided into embedded solar road stud and raised solar road stud. Domestic and foreign scholars have conducted in-depth research on the two forms of solar road stud and collected a lot of data. However, due to the great difference in the working environment between the two forms of solar road stud, the requirements will also be different.

At home and abroad, the practice and understanding of the embedded solar road stud (or solar road stud used in the middle line) are still in the process of deepening. After years of research and practice, researchers have found three elements of the raised solar road stud: compression resistance, high-temperature resistance, and reflection.


Japan and South Korea are the first countries to make solar road studs active lighting and passive lighting. People in these countries are striving for perfection in safety facilities. Their reason for setting strict requirements for solar road studs are as follows: if due to various reasons, solar road studs can not work (active lighting), they can also use the form of road stud reflection (passive light).

Now Europe is considering and formulating the standard of solar road stud. In China, the reflective performance of solar road stud is also studied and standardized.

But there are still false reflective solar road studs on the market, that is, solar road studs with false reflectors. Because the production of authentic reflective mold core needs high technology and cost. This kind of false reflective solar road stud is disadvantageous to road traffic safety.