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Solar Powered Flashing Stop Sign Help to Reduce Traffic Accidents

Stop signs are very common in foreign countries, and the solar stop signs are often set at intersections that are not too busy. When the car arrives, stop completely, observe left and right, and then drive; if there are cars in all directions, follow the principle of first come first go.

NOKIN is a manufacturer of solar powered flashing stop signs in China. Nokin's solar flashing stop signs have the following characteristics:


1. Solar flashing STOP signs are mainly used for urban roads, forks, accident-prone roads, etc. In sunny places.
2. The solar STOP sign board uses Taiwan Epistar chip with our own mold-opening lens, which has longer service life, good stability, high refresh rate, high concentration, and high brightness.
3. The housing of the solar powered STOP sign board adopts self-moulded aluminum plate, and the anti-hook design adopts inlaid packaging, which is firm. solar stop sign is not only beautiful, but also gives the product a very good protection level.
4. The solar STOP sign adopts 8W/18V monocrystalline silicon solar panels and uses solar energy to generate electricity, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
5. The bottom of the solar powered STOP sign is equipped with a power switch and a light control switch.
6. The solar STOP sign is installed with a hoop on the back, which is very convenient, firm and easy to disassemble.
7. For the safety of solar flashing STOP sign installation, solid rivets are used on the back of the product. Flat rivets are used on the surface to make the product flat and smooth.
8. The solar STOP sign adopts engineering-grade 3M reflective film, which has the best reflective and waterproof effect.
9. Solar STOP sign product size, speed limit sign number, reflective film, lamp bead color and installation method can be customized according to customer requirements


The working principle of the solar flashing STOP sign can be simply summarized as: during the day, solar panels absorb sunlight, convert solar energy into electric energy, and store it in energy storage devices. At night, the electric energy in the energy storage devices is automatically converted into light energy (through photoelectric Switch control), the outline of the pattern is drawn through the bright light of the LED to convey traffic information.

The application areas of solar powered flashing stop sign are urban roads, forks, easy exits in sunny places.