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Solar Road Stud Lights Types in NOKIN

How much do you know about solar road stud lights? Solar road stud is a kind of traffic safety facility which is installed on the road and looks like a nail. The road stud light is completely green and pollution-free, because it uses renewable solar energy. The solar road stud light can avoid the waste of power resources and pollution to the surrounding environment.

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Solar road stud is installed on the road because it can actively emit light to illuminate the edge line and boundary of the road. So as to reduce the probability of traffic accidents and improve road safety.

NOKIN is a traffic safety facilities production company with more than 18 years of production experience. Now the company has solar road studs, ordinary reflective studs, glass road studs and so on. The solar road stud light produced by NOKIN have passed the national standards and met the safety standards.


NOKIN main road stud types include raised solar road stud A6-1, PC solar road stud K1, ultr-thin solar road stud Q7, aluminum solar road stud light D1, embedded solar road stud X5, embedded solar road stud NK-RS-A7, embedded solar road stud NK-RS-X6, etc. These solar road stud light have their own characteristics,  solar road stud shape is not the same, there are round, square, and half-moom or D type.
If you are interested in solar road stud lights, welcome to the official website of NOKIN. Here are enthusiastic service personnel for you to answer all the questions about solar road stud lights.