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Advantages of Solar Flashing LED Stop Sign

Solar flashing LED stop signs are a time-saving way to improve safety at busy intersections and on high-speed or curved roads. The use of flashing led stop sign can help avoid and prevent fatal crashes, serious injuries and potential vehicle damage. Bright flashing led lights enhance visibility at any time (day and night) and in all weather conditions.


Solar flashing LED stop sign is an environmentally friendly traffic sign with a unique aluminum alloy plate, solar panels combined. Solar led stop sign increase visibility for travel or shopping center drivers with bright flashing LED lights. Solar flashing LED stop sign on 36-inch roads can be used on streets with plenty of parking. Because these are solar-powered places where there is sunlight. Flashing stop sign is very easy to install and use.

In a study conducted by the Texas Institute of Transportation in 2004, the safety study of LEDs embedded in flashing STOP signs found:
The number of vehicles not fully parked decreased by 28.9%;
The number of vehicles passing through intersections decreased by 52.9 per cent without significantly slowing down.


Features of the solar flashing led stop sign:
-MuTCD compliant
-High-power LEDs can be seen from 1 mile away and raise driver awareness in bright daylight, night, fog, rain and snow
-Visibility is divided into day and night
-The lightweight unit is fully assembled and can be quickly and easily installed on any new or existing road signs
-Fully sealed wiring prevents bad weather, tampering and vandalism
-The variable grading circuit automatically adjusts the brightness level to maintain optimal LED output and extend battery life
-Multiple solar flashing led stop signs can be synchronized at intersections
-The available solar and AC power options can work under any circumstances