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Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation

As a professional manufacturer of solar road studs, today we will take you to learn about the most important energy supply part of solar road stud products: solar energy. Solar energy is the top priority of the entire solar road stud, it is the core source of energy, and it fundamentally solves the problem that some places cannot be wired to connect to the power supply.


Solar energy generally refers to the radiant energy of sunlight, and the main forms are photothermal conversion, photoelectric conversion, and photochemical conversion. Solar energy in a broad sense is the source of many energies on the earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, the potential energy of water, etc., which are caused or transformed by solar energy. The methods of using solar energy mainly include solar cells, which convert the energy contained in sunlight into electrical energy through photoelectric conversion; solar water heaters, which use the heat of sunlight to heat water, and use hot water to generate electricity. Solar energy is clean and environmentally friendly, without any pollution, high utilization value, and there is no such thing as an energy shortage. Its various advantages determine its irreplaceable position in energy replacement.
The solar photovoltaic panel in the solar road studs product is a power generation device that generates direct current when exposed to sunlight. The whole body is composed of photovoltaic cells made of semiconductor material silicon. The product does not need to be active so it will not cause any loss. Therefore, some rooftops or building surfaces will use these photovoltaic modules to meet daily power supply needs. Of course, photovoltaic panel components can be made into different shapes and sizes, and the components can be connected to each other to generate more electricity.
Solar photovoltaic panels convert the light energy needed by solar road studs lights by absorbing sunlight energy. A small solar panel can maintain the solar road stud lights for 5-7 days in the case of sufficient sunlight for one day. The generated electric energy is very sufficient, and as a renewable green energy, it is also very friendly to the environment, and it also reduces the material consumption caused by the wiring to provide electric energy, which is one of the main reasons why solar road studs are popular.
Solar energy is a renewable energy source. The melting of glaciers and the frequent occurrence of various climate disasters encourage us to use green energy to reduce pollution. The earth's energy is not inexhaustible. The climate environment is what we depend on the prerequisite for survival. If you just need cat eye road stud, then solar road studs must be a good choice!