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Quality problems of solar road studs

The biggest quality problem when solar road studs are installed on the road is whether the compressive capacity meets the standards. Pedestrians and vehicles that come and go on the road every day have high requirements on the compressive capacity of the road studs because the vehicle's load capacity is as high as several Ten tons, if the pressure resistance of the road stud is not enough, it is very easy to be damaged when installed on the road, and the replacement of the road stud in a short period of time will also damage the road surface to a certain extent.


Solar road stud products are installed on the road, and the damage caused by poor compressive capacity is not only because the road stud shell is not compressive, some people think that plastic road studs must be more compressive than aluminum road studs. is one-sided. To determine whether the pressure resistance of solar road stud lights meets the standards, the focus lies on its structure. In order to save costs, some road stud manufacturers use a hollow structure inside the road stud. Although the shell is made of cast aluminum, such road studs are also easy to be crushed.
Hollow aluminum solar road studs are not even as good as PC casings, such as our ultra-thin plastic solar road studs, their compressive capacity can reach 20 tons, and their flat design is less likely to be crushed. The hollow inside of the road stud will also cause a problem, that is, damage to the LED light. When a hollow solar road stud is continuously rolled on the road, it will cause deformation and damage to the lamp beads. Some road studs were originally designed. In order to better warn my left and right, the angle of the lamp bead has also been specially treated. If it is damaged or deformed, its warning effect and lighting function will naturally decline or have no effect.
There is a very detailed thing on the cat eye road stud produced by our NOKIN, whether it is the water-flowing groove, the non-slip matte material, or the electroplating process used in the shell, it is fundamentally different from other solar road studs on the market. , maybe the same model, but as long as you make a careful comparison, you will be able to see our intentions in the design of road stud products, so that you get value for money.
Our products are often used for testing. They are run over by cars, soaked in water for a long time, dropped by iron balls from high places, and placed in refrigerators with extremely low temperatures. They can still flash and turn on normally. Friends who are interested in our solar road stud light products are welcome to visit our factory, or you can log on to our website https://www.nk-roadstud.com/ to check your product needs, or send an email to Victor Qin: info@nk-roadstud .com to learn more, we look forward to working with you.