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Solar LED Road Stud Light Is A Kind of Road Traffic Sign


Solar led road stud light is a kind of language specially used for road traffic. The information of road traffic is transmitted to the users of road traffic in time through its unique shape, color and symbol. With the development of road transportation, the importance and necessity of setting up road traffic sign is becoming more and more obvious. Solar LED road stud is a very important road traffic sign with broad development prospects.

solar led road stud lights

We said that the solar road stud mainly refers to the solar road cat eye. It is a kind of traffic safety facilities. Solar LED road stud light is mainly installed in the middle of road markings or double yellow lines to remind the driver to drive according to the lane through its anti reflection performance.

solar led road stud lights

The size of the solar road stud is generally 100 mm * 100 mm, and the maximum height is not more than 25 mm.  Generally, the installation of solar led road stud light is made of epoxy resin. Because of its small size, it is often overlooked.

In fact, the role of solar led road stud light is very important, especially in the highway and national highway sections, and the speed of vehicles driving in these sections is very fast, especially at night, the visibility is very low, the car dare not drive too fast, so as to reduce the rigid speed. 


solar led road stud lights

Install the solar led road stud light in the important road section, through the light, the driver can know the road ahead in advance Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of safe driving, the number of solar road stud light installation is different according to the different setting conditions.