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Solar LED Road Stud Marker in Pedestrian Crossing System



Solar led road stud marker can also use in pedestrian crossing system. The pedestrian crossing system is designed for the purpose of reducing pedestrian waiting time and enhancing pedestrian safety in places like school surrounding areas, transportation channelization island, junctions with very few pedestrians, and crossings in main trunk roads.

Pedestrian Crossing System

Intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system is a kind of solar led road stud marker and LED traffic sign on the sidewalk. LED lights can send out warning light to warn drivers to slow down or stop to wait, and remind pedestrians to watch vehicles at the intersection, so as to make sure the safety of pedestrians crossing the road.

solar road studs in Pedestrian Crossing System

The traffic light will always keep on the green status and the solar led road stud marker will be constant when no pedestrian crossing road. Once the pedestrian pushes the button, the controller will change the traffic light into the red status and pedestrian light into the green status and the solar led road stud makers start to flashing. So vehicles need to wait and people have priority to cross the road.

The intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system can be connected with a high-definition thermal imaging camera, geomagnetic sensor, and traffic light signal system. The above devices send out signals and send them to the solar led road stud. Then the led road stud marker flash.


solar road studs marker in Pedestrian Crossing System

The solar road stud flashing frequency can be adjusted according to customer requirements, generally from 1Hz to 4Hz. The visual distance of the product exceeds 800m at night. After installation, the top of the product only protrudes from the ground by 6 mm, which can prevent being damaged by a snowplow.