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Solar Cat's Eyes On Road To Improve Road Safety


Solar cat's eyes, which is light up in response to traffic signal changes, is first used at the junction of the British Expressway in 2018 to improve the safety of the driver. The British Highway Association has installed about 170 innovative LED road studs on one of the most busy highway crossings in England-over 90,000 cars a day. 

When the traffic signal lamp becomes green, the LED cat's eyes on road will be on, so the driver can clearly see the lane they should follow. The cable under the road surface is connected to the traffic signal lamp through an automatic controller in the vicinity. These solar cat's eyes can be seen at a maximum of 1,000 meters-much larger than the conventional reflective cat eyes and have been shown to help prevent the driver from drifting between the lanes, thereby reducing the risk of a collision. 

cat's eyes on road

"The innovative solar cat's eyes on road and other improvements we are introducing will make it easier to navigate the crossroad, benefiting thousands of drivers every day." Related personnel said,"The introduction of intelligent solar cat's eyes is a continuation of the traditional cat-eye heritage, but will take advantage of the existing new technology. 

New posts have been shown cat's eyes on road to reduce more than 50% of the lane violations under certain conditions, and this is a good way to help improve the safety of all road users." The cat's eyes on road were invented by Percy Shaw in 1933 when he was driving on the steep winding path of the West Yorker, he notice that the cat eyes were reflected. He realized that if he could create a reflective device that could be installed on the road and put forward his cat-eye invention, the potential for improving road safety could be.

Solar cat's eyes

Nowadays, whether it is a traditional cat eye or a solar cat's eyes, it is being used in large quantities. It turns out that these cat eyes provide a safe guarantee for drivers who drive on the road without lighting at night.