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Solar Road Stud Should Use What Solar Panels?


Solar studs are safety devices installed on the road and are subject to the rolling and impact of vehicles many times a day. The most important component of solar road studs is solar panels. An excellent solar stud must have a reliable solar panel. Let's compare several solar panels on the market!

1.Traditional solar panel A

It is a monocrystalline silicon product, the front side is welded with metal wires. The mechanical properties of this product are the most fragile, it will break when bent under a slight force. This solar panel is not suitable for solar road studs.

solar panel of solar studs

2.Solar panel B

There is no metal wire welding on the front of it, but behind the product, a copper wire base is designed to protect it well. It has higher charging efficiency, and has greater strength and toughness. It looks more tough than the previous A, but if you break it hard, it will still be damaged. The led road studs using this solar panel can be used in places with little traffic. For example, on both sides of the road.

solar panel of solar studs

3.Solar panel C

Each charging unit of this solar panel is completely independent. There is an aluminum substrate behind it. This is a stronger, more flexible solar panel, which is very difficult to be damaged. It can even be folded in half. Panel C is most suitable for use in solar studs products. The solar road studs using this solar panel have superior impact resistance and can be used in busy traffic areas with a service life of more than 3 years.

Most of the solar studs on the market are A-type solar panels. Of course, one price is one price, and consumers should choose their own solar road studs according to their own needs. If they are installed in places where the vehicle cannot be rolled or used only as decoration, they should choose a lower price solar road studs are also possible, but if you want to install them in the middle of the road, you can't just look at the price . You need to integrate the properties of led road studs and choose a good quality, high cost performance solar road stud.