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Solar Cats Eyes Road Stud Manufacturer In China


solar road studsShenzhen NOKIN Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of new high-tech solar cats eyes road studs for more than 18 years. They are showing their new environmentally friendly solar road stud technology to countries around the world. NOKIN Traffic is a Chinese manufacturer of solar cats eyes.

Solar cats eyes road studs are ground lights used to mark potentially dangerous areas in road traffic. Compared with passive reflectors, solar cats eyes road studs are active in the dark (LED technology), there by improving visibility and marking effects by 900 meters.

All NOKIN products have unique solar energy conversion. Thanks to this technology, our solar road studs have the highest lighting level (durability), eliminating the need for expensive cable installation. The innovative design of stainless steel milling has enabled our solar cats eyes road studs to improve road safety for several years.

Solar road studs are green and environmentally friendly products. Solar panels use solar energy to convert into electrical energy without the need for expensive cables or electricity produced by burning coal, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Business is important, but our children and their future are more important. Let us work together to restore this gift called "Earth" for our children-Mother Earth is precious. At NOKIN Traffic, we hope to help you become more environmentally friendly by providing our services (institutional, industrial and commercial). NOKIN Traffic is also looking for foreign partners. If you want to increase your product range or need to buy solar cats eyes road studs, please contact us.