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Solar Cat-eye Road Studs Remind Carts to Pass Safely at Night

On April 6, a batch of Solar Cat-eye Road Studs were officially launched at Majin Station, Kaihua Toll Center of Zhejiang Transportation Group.

When night falls, when the truck passes through the entrance lane of the toll station, the side of the road surface of the lane will be reflected by the lights, which outlines the road contour of the lane, induces the driver's sight, and improves the driving safety index of the lane.


Majin Station is the nearest provincial border station on the expressway between West Zhejiang and South Anhui. There are many heavy vehicles and heavy vehicles in transit, and the traffic time is relatively concentrated in the evening. Usually, the frequency of vehicle scraping in the lane is high. Since March 1, Makin Station has tried to install traditional glass road studs on the side of the safety island, and the frequency of driveway scratches has decreased.

In order to better improve the driving experience of drivers and passengers, the "Xiaonan" team of Kaihua Toll Center has carried out lighting transformation on the entrance mixed lane road surface. Team members spent a week conducting further field tests on various reflective signs on the market. Through repeated comparison and selection, the solar cat eye road studs with low investment and quick effect was finally adopted. The team members placed 22 pcs 360-degree solar road studs within 30 meters of the entrance lane at intervals of 1.2 meters.


During the day, the large solar panel of the 360-degree solar cat eye road stud can absorb sunlight, convert the solar energy into electricity, and store it in the energy storage device. At night, the electric energy in the energy storage device is automatically converted into light energy, and the LED emits bright light to outline the road outline to induce the driver's sight, helping the driver to avoid the interference of rain and fog to the greatest extent. 8 hours of light charging can provide up to 100 hours of continuous light for road studs, even in severe weather such as ice, snow and fog, solar road stud for the road safety can still give drivers and passengers an effective warning. At the same time, through the effect of road light strips and physical sensing, the solar road studs can quickly feedback the warning information of "lane departure" to drivers and passengers, which is convenient for vehicles to travel at night, rainy and foggy.

At present, the lighting transformation of the mixed lane at the entrance of Majin Station has been fully completed. In the next stage, Kaihua Toll Center will coordinate and plan the lane lighting work of the remaining stations under its jurisdiction, so as to create a better traffic environment for the safe and smooth running of vehicles. I believe that with the help of solar cat eye road studs, the safety of vehicles at Makin Station will get better and better!