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Solar Road Studs With 6pcs Safety Locks In The Philippine Market

At the beginning of 2022, the Philippine government revised the DPWH standard specification for internally illuminated (solar) pavement marking/stud flush type, in order to meet customer requirements, our new solar road studs for the Philippines market have come out at the end of March, and mass production was achieved in early April.  In mid-April, the first batch of new solar road studs with 6 safety locks has been delivered, and customers have received our new solar road studs.


In the process of this new solar road stud development, we have also upgraded the solar road studs of the old A10 model in the Philippine market. The previous A10 model is a male model, which is easy to find in the market, and the quality is also uneven   and no guarantee, we have made targeted improvements in response to the problems of the old A10 solar road studs. For example, the A10 solar road studs on the market are all hollow, and we all know an important quality measure of road studs is compression resistance, which can easily be crushed if the interior is empty. In response to this drawback, NOKIN redesigned the external structure to make it more in line with the internal structure of the solar road stud. We can also see that the effect of the new solar road stud is more beautiful than the previous old model, and the compressive performance is also greatly improved.


In response to the Philippine government's requirements for new solar road studs, NOKIN has launched a solar road stud with 6 safety locks, which has been modified several times, from the original F5 lamp beads to F8 lamp beads, and the solar panel has also undergone several changes. The correction was finally determined to be the one with a relatively large area, and the PC part on the solar road stud shell was added with a textured design. Our new solar road stud is an embedded solar road stud with a capacity of over 60 tons. PC cover raw material comes from Japan, which is more transparent and UV resistant than other raw materials.


Shenzhen Nokin Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of solar road studs and solar street lights. The main products are solar road studs, solar traffic signs, solar street lights, reflective road studs, road marking machines, etc. Our company offers a variety of traffic safety products to meet your various needs. The company has strong design and development capabilities, advanced and complete production capabilities, and can provide customers with integrated solutions and customize products according to customer needs. Product quality and after-sales service are at an advanced level.

Solar road studs are an indispensable traffic safety product to ensure road safety, as well as an important guarantee for driving safety. There are thousands of roads, and safety is the first priority. Let Nokin's solar road studs for the Philippine market protect your travel safety at night.