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Glass road stud NK-1010

High Brightness 360 Degree Reflective Glass Road Studs, glass road studs can be used on separate lanes on freeways and interchanges,setting on white road reticle, dotted line, stopped line etc.
Body material: Tempering glass
Hemisphere heights Dia.60*19mm
Size: Dia.100*49mm
Color :
Compression Resistance: 25 Tons
Glass road stud have excellent weathering resistance and long life span.
Fine wear resistance and chemistry stability. Glass road stud are able to withstand the erosion of tire, sand, different kinds of solvent and oil fuel. Moreover they also have strong resistance to acid rain as well as salt fog. As a consequence, NOKIN tempered glass road stud can be used in various kinds of severe road conditions for a long time. Glass road studs are safe, reliable and strong warning function.

install glass road studs

How to install the tempered glass road stud?

1> Bore a hole with 20mm depth and 100mm dia, and removeresidual asphalt concrete.
2>Inject some of epoxy resin or asphalt mastic when the hole dry enough
3> Put the glass road stud inside the hole and spin,until the epoxy resin or asphalt mastic overbrim

Application: Be used on separate lanes on freeways and interchanges,setting on white road reticle, dotted line, stopped line etc.
Glass road stud NK-1010
Glass Road Stud Characteristic:

-1.High degree of surface hardness and slip-proof surface; the reflection can last extremely long.

-2.High strength and long durability.

-3.The protruding part is 100% reflective.

-4.Smooth surface and not easy to accumulate dust, which needs no cleaning and maintenance.

-5.Fully automatic production with machinery.

-6.The lifetime is 15 times longer than traditional plastic pavement marker.

Glass Road Stud Specification :
Body material Tempered glass road stud 
Reflective index ≥1.5
Reflective Material Silvering Material
Size Dia.100*49mm; Size of sphere: Dia.60*19mm
Compression Resistance 25 Tons
Color Yellow, White
Packing 24pcs/carton
Carton size 34*24*28cm
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