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Smart Pedestrian Crossing Systems With LED Solar Road Stud Lights

The new application of solar road stud lights on the traffic road: Smart Pedestrian Crossing Systems. Smart Pedestrian Crossing Systems is the active light-emitting solar road studs used on the sidewalk, also known as smart zebra crossing, In-Road Warning Light Systems. It is usually installed at one end of the crosswalk and emits a warning light through the solar road stud lights. The flashing solar road stud lights can warn drivers to slow down or stop and wait, remind pedestrians to pay attention to vehicles at the intersection, and improve the safety of pedestrians crossing the road.


The housing of the flush type LED solar road stud lights installed on crosswalks is specially designed to enhance their robustness. First is in the production process: LED solar road stud lightss shell using one-time die-casting molding. Then there is the selection of materials: the outer shell of LED solar road stud lights is made of aluminum, and the inner shell is made of bulletproof PC material. In order to further strengthen the pressure resistance of LED solar road stud lights, epoxy resin sealing control panel is used to fill the LED solar road stud lights inside.

In addition, no fusible hot melt adhesive is used in the LED solar road stud lights, so the embedded LED solar road stud lights have a compressive strength greater than 40 tons. LED solar road stud lights can meet the pressure resistance requirements for installation in the center of the road.

To ensure the quality of LED solar road stud lights, the controller main chip uses PIC microcontroller, which has stable performance and strong anti-interference ability. Infrared human sensor detects the passing pedestrian signal, through the controller processor for processing identification, control the high-power interface module, and finally drive the LED road stud synchronous flash. At the same time, in the LED solar road studs, the light source uses high-quality crystal and high-quality LED lamp beads. LED installed and divided into two directions of lighting, can expand the lighting range and strengthen the prompt effect.


It is worth noting that the specific functions of Smart Pedestrian Crossing Systems differ due to different installation methods. LED solar road stud lights are designed with a low angle light path when installed on the ground for a longer visible distance; the vertical angle with the ground is designed to give a strong warning to pedestrians, especially those who are addicted to cell phones.