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As A Warning Role Of Road Stud

Road stud, also known as cat eyes, road marker, and Raised Pavement Marker, plays a very important role in road safety. It guides people to drive in the right direction, prevents speeding and traffic accidents, plays a warning role, and is an important guarantee for the safety of drivers. It is made of aluminum, plastic, ceramic, and glass, and is often used in underground parking lots, highways, gardens, and the middle of roads according to the different load capacities.
As A Warning Role Of Road Stud
Road studs with active lighting: Contain LEDs, batteries, circuits, and in some cases, solar panels. These solar-powered road studs are powered by solar energy or electricity. Wired studs have pre-programmed modes and times of operation. The solar studs automatically light up at night and the solar panels charge the batteries during the day to light up the led lights. The solar panels are both a charging source and a sensor that detects nighttime. The circuitry inside controls everything.
The visual effect of solar road studs is better than that of ordinary road studs. Solar road studs are irradiated by sunlight during the day and converted into electricity by absorbing solar energy. When night falls, the LED lights in the solar road studs will start to work and emit constant or flashing lights for more than 10 hours. easy to install, easy to maintain, and does not need to lay circuits.
As A Warning Role Of Road Stud
Solar Road Studs delineate the edges of a carriageway or the division of traffic lanes. These help drivers at night or in poor visibility. White studs mark the lane lines and the center of a road. Red studs mark the left edge of a carriageway. At the same time, some road studs have strong impact resistance, compression resistance, and high-temperature resistance. In other words, the earrings can still be used even in bad weather. Plus, they can help save more energy for other buildings. Additionally, they're an electronic improvement over traditional cat eyes because they give the driver a reaction window of about 32 seconds.
As A Warning Role Of Road Stud
With the continuous increase in the number of cars, the requirements for humanized signs and warnings in road design are constantly increasing. For the use of mains power supply to warn that the cost is too high, solar road studs and road marking machines will be the most important. origin of. In developed countries, the habit of looking at the markings during the day and the "road studs" at night has long been formed. Effectively reduce energy consumption and help urban green development.