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Popularization of LED solar road stud lights

Every night, you will see all kinds of road stud lights emerging on the street. At first, everyone didn't quite understand what this little thing was, or even what it was called until it became popular today. LED solar road stud lights provide a lot of convenience for our life day after day, for example, guiding us to pass on the zebra crossing road. You will find that it has been affecting and changing our lives.


Road stud lights are improvements to traditional road studs, adding solar panels and batteries. During the day, the solar panels convert light energy into electrical energy and store it in a battery. At night, the electrical energy is converted into light energy, which is emitted by LEDs. The light acts as a guide and warning for us on the road. Especially in bad weather conditions, rainy and foggy weather, solar road stud lights can still work normally, because it has super endurance and pressure resistance, the waterproof level is IP68, and the hard aluminum shell also makes it more than 10 years old. for three years.
The most important function of solar road studs is traffic warning, avoiding and reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. Traditional road studs only have reflective strips as a sign of roadblocks, but solar road stud lights, on the basis of reflective strips, add LED lights inside, which not only save energy but also have stronger lighting capabilities. The line of sight is better, so the reaction time to deal with emergencies is extended by more than 30 seconds, which greatly reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents.
LED road studs can not only be used for the centerline and edge of urban roads but also can be used as decorative lights. Different light colors can be formulated according to our needs, so many public facilities in high-end communities usually use them as lighting. , There are shadows on the trails and runways in the park, and it participates in every bit of our life. The role of solar road stud lights is really great.
The Solar Road Stud Light produced by NOKIN uses the best components, and samples can be mailed for your supervision and guidance. From the shell design to the battery, circuit board, solar panel, and lamp beads, all adopt the best technology and use imported PC materials to make them work efficiently. It can work normally in a low-temperature environment, which is worth checking. We can also customize your own solar road studs according to your needs, and design your company logo!