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Plastic Round Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs

Solar cats eyes road studs are a type of road studs, which can be composed of retro-reflective materials, shell, solar panels, LEDs, and control devices. The visual sensing device places night or rain and fog along the road surface to indicate the direction of the road, with active lighting and passive reflection performance, solar cats eyes usually used in conjunction with the road marking line.

solar cats eyes road studs
When studying the possibility of improving the reflector, people have concluded that compared with passive reflectors, solar cats eyes road studs have an active light source (LED) that is more visually attractive. Of course, recessed lights such as airports will be a good choice, but the problem is that due to the installation of the cable, it is expensive and difficult to install.

Compared with metal solar road studs, PC solar cats eyes road studs are more used on both sides of the road or in public places for lighting decoration. Plastic round solar cast eyes road studs have no reflective materials and have 6-10 LED lamp beads. These LED lamp beads can be customized into Blinking or always bright, the lamp beads on one solar cats eyes can also be customized to different colors. Round design, the line of this solar road studs is more smooth, if you want to install it on a short column to remind the vehicle or pedestrian isolation column on the road, this plastic round solar cast eyes road studs  is also a good choice.

solar cats eyes road studs
The installation of this kind of solar cats eyes road studs from NOKIN Traffic is also very convenient. It can be directly glued to the ground or the place where you want to install it. There is a thoughtful design here. There are two screw holes on both sides of the solar road studs . Fix it with screws after sticking to the ground, it will be more secure. Or you just want to fix it with screws instead of glue.