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Solar Cat Eyes Road Stud In South Africa

Project location: South Africa
Product model: NK-RS-C1
Installation time: 2017
As a kind of traffic safety product, the cat eyes road stud is well known to us. In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the large-scale demand for solar cat eyes, the types of road stud have also appeared variously, round and square. raised and embedded types, aluminum and PC material. Some light-transparent cat eyes road stud are not only used on the road, its application range has been extended to bridges, park decoration and so on.
Road Stud South Africa
In 2017 year,we received feedback from our South Africa client, in the pictures, they installed the solar road marker on the head of sheeps,what a wonderful idea.There are two functions of the solar cat eyes mounted on the top of the animal's head. One is to prevent the loss of the animal, and the other is to prevent the invasion of the wolf. We all know that the wolf is afraid of fire and other bright things.This will protect animals from infringement to a certain extent.
Here is a video for your reference:

The material of our solar cat eyes road stud NK-RS C1 is PC, weight is just 320g,and the size is dia122*25mm, it's just right for the top of a sheep.There are also many customers who use this solar cat eyes on the column to serve as a warning.We also provide ODM and OEM service, if you want to paint your brand logo on the cat eyes road stud or want to have diferent light color,contacting us is a wise decision!
Cat Eyes Road Stud