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Pedestrian Crosswalk Solutions for Pedestrians

How is it safe to cross the road at night? Today, I will introduce NOKIN's pedestrian crosswalk solution. Pedestrian crosswalk solutions are also called smart zebra crossings, smart pedestrian crossing systems and so on.

Solar smart zebra crossing is different from traditional painted zebra crossing and ordinary luminous zebra crossing. Starting from four different dimensions of energy application, actual use, resource coordination and background management, the solar smart zebra crossing integrated solar power generation system, smart light warning system, Intelligent sensor system, intelligent traffic signal synchronization system, high-end technology system, has the advantages of environmentally friendly energy generation, timely detection of pedestrian illegal behavior, synchronization of intersection traffic light equipment to avoid waste of resources and convenient management, providing city managers with a more convenient management mode and energy Applications are more environmentally friendly and safer product choices.


This intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system uses a number of technologies such as thermal imaging, human body recognition, and Internet of Things perception, and can distinguish the human body from other objects by retrieving human behavior, movements, contours, steps, gestures and other elements. When pedestrians walk into the zebra crossing, the road studs will flash. When only the vehicle crosses the zebra crossing, the lights are not turned on. But if there is a pedestrian passing by at this time, the road studs will light up in response.

In sensing, the Pedestrian Crosswalk Solutions system uses intelligent lidar. By collecting basic data from sensors, combined with Wusiyuan's core algorithm, people can be distinguished from electric bicycles, cars, etc. According to the width of the road, there will be targeted designs. There are 1 to 3 lidars at different intersections. Pedestrians or cyclists approach the crosswalk and are detected by the sensor system, which automatically activates a system consisting of 2 vertical luminous signals and road studs. The road stud is an embedded road stud installed on a zebra crossing. The shell is designed with cast iron and has a good compression-resistant structure, which avoids the problems of insufficient compression resistance and short service life of traditional embedded road studs. The combination of front lighting and side lighting can provide visual signals for pedestrians and drivers at the same time, which has a good warning effect and improves the efficiency of road safety.

In addition to promptly reminding passing vehicles to slow down and reduce or avoid traffic accidents, the smart zebra crossing is also a "good assistant" for traffic police, which can detect the flow of people and vehicles, and use big data to analyze road congestion. Such smart zebra crossings have been applied in Hangzhou, Zhuji, Shangrao, Xi'an and other cities.

In Shanghai, a solar smart zebra crossing system will be activated after the Spring Festival next year. This zebra crossing can not only remind drivers but also remind pedestrians not to run red lights. Unlike the road studs on both sides of the smart zebra crossing in the above cities, this zebra crossing in Shanghai uses solar light strips to replace the original traditional zebra crossing. Pedestrians running red lights, it can also remind in real time. When stepping on this zebra crossing at a red light, it will automatically flash to remind citizens not to run through the red light, so if you hold your mobile phone, you can see the flashing or red light below.