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Come to China to Experience The Pedestrian Crossing Warning System

"Pedestrian headshots running red lights", "red and green zebra crossings", and voice prompts for crossing the street. Recently, this full set of pedestrian crossing warning systems appeared on the streets of Yan'an New District.

At the intersection of Zhidan Road and Dongfanghong Road in Yan'an New District, the white zebra crossing in the past changed its appearance and was fitted with road studs. At night, the LED road studs embedded in the ground flashed synchronously with the sidewalk traffic lights, and the white zebra crossing became luminous. "Smart Zebra Crossing" provides services for pedestrians.

This "smart zebra crossing" serves as a supplement to the column-type pedestrian signal lights and serves as a reminder to both pedestrians and motor vehicles, reducing accidents around crosswalks. For the road studs installed on zebra crossings, you can choose the wiring type in cities, because the wiring is more convenient. If you are in the suburbs, you can choose solar road studs, no wiring is required, and installation is convenient. The role of these led road studs in the intelligent pedestrian crossing system is that when the cameras and detectors detect pedestrians passing by, the road studs will frequently flash to remind the driver to drive carefully.


In addition, at this intersection, a voice prompt device for crossing the street and a red light exposure device for pedestrians are also installed to implement standardized management of pedestrians crossing the street without manual intervention. Once a pedestrian is running a red light, the device will issue a warning voice, and It was caught by the camera. In addition, the pedestrian crossing warning systems will automatically capture, compare, store, and automatically synthesize photos, and simultaneously publish the entire process of exposure and running through the red light on the LED screen.

The footsteps of smart pedestrians are always kept outside the solar road studs, and are only activated when there are pedestrians near the road. Its main function is to use flashing solar road studs to warn the driver of pedestrians near the road with sufficient reaction time.