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Things You Need To Know About Road Marking Machine

Introduction of road marking machine:

1. Marking width: The internationally accepted road marking width is 15 cm. Considering that the road marking machine may be used in parking lots, residential areas, etc., a road marking machine with width adjustment function should be purchased, which will help reasonable Land use and save paint. Generally, the adjustable range is 5-15 cm.


2. Paint types: commonly used paints are solvent-based and water-soluble. If the road marking machine can use both paints, which can extend your business scope to sports grounds, lawns, and so on.

3. Hand-held spray gun: The hand-held spray gun not only allows you to freely use the template to paint various symbols, but also can work on walls, columns and other places other than the ground. Hand-held spray guns have slowly become the standard configuration of all kinds of road marking machines.

4. Cleaning system: Some road marking machines are also equipped with an automatic cleaning system, which can quickly clean the piping system after each end of work, so that your cleaning work can save more than half of the time.


5. Glass bead system: The road maintenance company should also consider configuring a glass bead spreading system as a standard configuration. This system can spray glass beads to make the marking construction fully meet the national requirements.

6. Bend operations. Some road marking machines also install an extra wheel at the rear, which allows you to work freely along the curved markings. Companies engaged in sports fields and multi-curve operations may consider buying a road marking machine with this feature. Some already have this function.


Advantages of hand-pushed line marking machine:
In the hand-pushed line marking machine, it gradually replaced the riding-type road marking machine with higher construction efficiency, stronger safety and lower labor cost, and became the road after the riding-type marking machine. The follow-up production line on the The auxiliary marking equipment has its own flexibility and can draw some complex graphics (such as arrows, text, etc.). The hand-pushed road marking machine is a line marking machine with high construction efficiency, high marking quality, high safety and environmental protection. Line equipment. Compared with other small marking equipment, the road marking machine has a large-capacity paint tank and glass bead tank, which can ensure long-distance uninterrupted marking.