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NOKIN Solar Road Stud Light Manufacturer

As an energy-saving and efficient road traffic safety facility, solar road stud light has been widely used in various fields since it was invented. Since the reform and opening up, with the development of world economy and science and technology, highway construction has developed. As one of the road traffic safety facilities, solar road stud light has become an indispensable part of highway construction.


At present, there are mainly two kinds of road studs: reflective and solar. How to select the road stud and how to judge the performance of solar road stud are worth to learn.

Shenzhen NOKIN Traffic Facility Co., Ltd. has been specialized in road safety for more than 18 years. As a professional supplier of solar road stud lights, NOKIN is committed to providing customers with high-quality reflective road studs, solar road studs, etc. All solar road studs of NOKIN have passed ISO9001:2000, CE and RoHS certification.


Shenzhen NOKIN Traffic Facility Co., Ltd. not only applies the latest production technology, but also has various shapes. All kinds of solar road stud lights have good compression performance, impact resistance, waterproof performance, high temperature resistance and durability. Solar road stud light also has good energy saving effect, which can effectively reduce energy consumption.

If you have any questions about the solar road stud lights or other products of Shenzhen NOKIN Traffic Facility Co., Ltd., please feel free to contact NOKIN and we will give you feedback within 24 hours.