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NOKIN Solar LED Stop Sign For Sale

NOKIN's flashing LED stop sign combines a flashing peripheral LED with a diamond-grade reflective film to form the most visible signage. With optional power options, including eco-friendly solar panels and battery packs or a convenient 120VAC, the NOKIN LED road sign improves road compliance in any application. The variable grading circuit measures available light and adjusts the brightness of the LED flash accordingly. The NOKIN LED STOP sign is programmed to flash 24/7.


NOKIN's solar stop sign consists of double-layer aluminum panels and recycled plastic ACP panels, 3M reflector panels with ANTI graffiti overlays, stainless steel fasteners and high-strength LED bulbs. The wiring of the led stop sign is fully protected against man-made damage. Lithium batteries are the same as lynum batteries used in electric vehicles and are installed in a special system that can also be used as a solar panel holder.


Key features of solar led stop sign:
•Drivers approaching intersections receive enhanced visual inputs via flashing LEDs that increased visibility and awareness of led stop signs under normal and low visibility conditions,
•Try to improve the driver's compliance and be careful at parking-controlled intersections

NOKIN solar led stop signs for sale with cheap price and can improve the safety of road and drivers. The main products of NOKIN also have solar road studs, solar street light and road marking machines, if you need, welcome to contact us!