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Time: October 14-16, 2021
Location: China (Chengdu) Western International Expo City
Booth No.: 3E57

RAFFIC ASIA 2021 Asia International Transportation Technology and Engineering Facilities Exhibition has opened in China (Chengdu) Western International Expo City on October 14-16, 2021, with an exhibition area of 48,000 square meters and about 600 high-quality exhibitors. Professional visitors are expected With 50,000 visitors, the Asia Transportation Technology Exhibition will become one of the best windows for international trade and cooperation and exchanges in the world's transportation infrastructure industry. At RAFFIC ASIA 2021, you will see NOKIN's booth.


The transportation industry is transforming from rapid growth to high-quality development, paying more attention to the transformation from traditional factors to innovation. In this new era and background, new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet, and the Internet of Things are accelerating their integration into the transportation industry. Nokin's exhibition focuses on the promotion of intelligent transportation systems. As a manufacturer of solar road studs with 20 years of production experience, NOKIN has been keeping up with the changes of the times, using road studs, traffic lights, solar road signs and other technologies to form an intelligent transportation system and improve road safety.


The intelligent transportation system is the latest product developed by NOKIN. It includes the intelligent zebra crossing and traffic light synchronization system. The traffic light synchronization system reduces the speed of vehicles approaching pedestrians, extends the braking distance between vehicles and pedestrians, increases the rate of comity and reduces pedestrian conflicts, and ensures the passage of drivers and pedestrians. Safety. Smart zebra crossing warns drivers that there is about to be pedestrians on the zebra crossing ahead, please slow down and give way; warn pedestrians that you are about to cross the zebra crossing, please raise your safety awareness and pass carefully. NOKIN is committed to solving various traffic hazards and providing you with an ideal traffic hazard warning program according to different city road conditions.
Of course, you can also see NOKIN's solar road studs at this exhibition. There are many types. NOKIN can also customize various solar road studs according to the different requirements of customers. Welcome to visit!