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Many Cities Install Solar LED Road Studs

Many cities install solar led road studs in main traffic lane. Solar led road studs save more people's life. Whether it's wind, rain, haze, or encountering a novice female driver, you should be careful when driving on the road, for fear of newspapers the next day. After all, it's the traffic accident scene that causes the most accidents every day.


Different from ordinary reflective road studs, solar led road stud is more out of consideration for the environment. Solar panel of solar led road stud is used to provide stable power supply self-sufficiency. So solar led road stud does not rely on urban cables. It is suitable for promotion in rural and other remote areas. NOKIN solar led road stud adopts polysilicon solar panel, the photoelectric conversion efficiency far higher than some inferior quality in the market.
These solar led road studs are installed at the marking position of roads and municipal roads, or the middle marking of double yellow lines. The solar energy absorbed in the daytime is converted into electric energy by solar road stud. Through the light sense control and stroboscopic control, solar led road studs will automatically flash and emit light in the case of insufficient light at night, and play a warning and indicating role for vehicles.
Solar LED road stud is really a technology that changes life. In rainy days, foggy days and other bad driving sight, if the vehicle deviates from the lane and presses the solar led road stud, the driver can also timely detect the sound and bumpy sense, causing alarm.