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Flashing LED Road Studs in Road

As early as August this year, more than 4800 reflective road studs were installed on the street Huang line, which greatly improved the night driving safety. According to the statistics of the traffic police department, after the installation of the road studs, the night accident rate decreased significantly. It is understood that Zhuji plans to invest 3 million yuan to install reflective road studs on mountainous roads with poor traffic conditions at night, totaling more than 270 kilometers. The project is currently in the bidding stage.


In addition, led road studs have been installed at smart intersections in the area. At intersections where there are no conditions to install signal lights, government departments, primary and secondary schools, hospitals, parks, markets and residential areas along the line are dense, traffic flow and logistics are highly concentrated, and warning led road studs have been installed on zebra crossings.

When night falls, as long as you step on the zebra crossing, the round flashing led road studs under your feet will project one after another of bright red lights, "guarding" pedestrians to pass the zebra crossing safely. The pedestrian crossing thermal response system and luminous flashing led road studs are installed here to remind drivers to slow down before driving to the zebra crossing.

Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing Monitoring System is mainly composed of infrared pedestrian detector, flashing led road stud, illegal capture equipment, etc.


When the system detects that there are pedestrians and non motor vehicles crossing the road, the video detection will transmit the signal to the flashing led road studs through the control system, forming a red warning light belt to remind the vehicle to actively yield to pedestrians. The led road stud is connected with the sensing system, which can flash in real time.