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Look at traffic safety in a new light

With the continuous increase of vehicles on our roads, the traffic volume is getting bigger and bigger, whether it is the degree of road wear or traffic safety issues, it is becoming more and more prominent. In the past, there were not many traffic accidents due to the low traffic flow, but in recent years, 6-8 people around the world were killed in traffic accidents in every minute we spent, and the traffic safety problem needs to be solved urgently. Coupled with the frequent occurrence of extreme weather, it is even more important to enhance road safety planning, and solar road stud products came into being!


1. The difference between solar road studs and traditional road studs
The most intuitive difference from traditional solar road studs is that there are LED lamp beads inside that can emit light, and its energy comes from green and environmentally friendly solar energy, so its installation environment must be outdoors where it can be exposed to sunlight. For traditional solar road stud products, there are only reflective sheets on the outside to emit light passively, which can guide the direction of the road or warn drivers and passengers. This very obvious difference can have a very obvious outline effect on the road at night, and the markings on the ground will be more obvious under the light.
2. How to install road studs
Both traditional road studs and solar road studs have two installation methods, one is to drill holes in the ground, inject glue and then embed the road studs in, this kind of road stud is suitable for embedded or with studs; the other is One is to clean the installation plane directly, and then apply glue to the ground and the bottom of the road stud to stick them together. This installation method is usually suitable for flush solar road studs. Road studs usually also have stud type, flush type, and embedded type, and the installation method is based on the above two types.
3. The material of the road stud
Most of the traditional road studs and the current green and environmentally friendly solar road studs are composed of two materials: one is a cast aluminum shell with internal glue injection; the other is PC material with internal glue injection. The road stud made of cast aluminum has stronger compression resistance, but the plastic solar road stud made of PC has a thinner, thinner and more beautiful appearance, and is more suitable for use as decorative lights to decorate buildings, so it is more common in parks, trails, and municipal squares. In some crosswalks or highways with complex traffic, more cast aluminum road studs are used because they can withstand greater pressure. On some seaside roads, more plastic solar road studs are used, because it is more resistant to saltwater corrosion than cast aluminum.
No matter how different the appearance and material of road studs are, their waterproof and dustproof capabilities are in line with national import and export standards. The compressive capacity varies, the size also varies, and the height also varies. It can be used in all aspects, as long as the installation and use conditions permit, it can not only be used as a traffic safety sign product.