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Solar Road Stud Application in Zebra Crossing

Project location: China
Product model: NK-RS-X5
Installation time: 2018

Intelligent solar cat eye road stud crosswalk facility is a kind of active luminous road stud and LED traffic sign on the sidewalk. LED lights can send out warning light to warn drivers to slow down or stop to wait, and remind pedestrians to watch vehicles at the intersection, so as to make sure the safety of pedestrians crossing the road.
The intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system is composed of pedestrian detector, intelligent controller, crosswalk warning light and flashing solar road stud. Its working principle is following. At first, the differential detector is triggered when the pedestrians pass through the zebra crossing. The controller recognizes the signal of the differential detector and sends it to the control circuit. The control circuit processes the signal and outputs the trigger signal, and then drives the LED solar road stud on both sides of the zebra crossing to flicker to prompt the pedestrians and vehicles at the intersection. It can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Intelligent solar cat eye road stud crosswalk
Function of intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system:
-Automatically sense the human on the zebra crossing and warn vehicles to yield to pedestrians.
-Automatically sense the approaching vehicles and prompt pedestrians to go quickly.
-Automatically sense the vehicles occupying the sidewalk and prompt the driver to leave.
-Automatically the lighting time and flashing frequency, which is environmental protection and power saving.
-Automatically monitor the people flow amount at each intersection in each period of time, and provide the basis for the traffic police to reasonably deploy the police force and deal with the traffic jam.

Intelligent solar cat eye road stud crosswalk
Features of aluminium solar road marker:
-Aluminum alloy material, load capacity:> 40T(can be installed in the middle of road)
-USA brand flexible solar panel, high conversion and charge efficiency
-PC cover ,high transparency
-Program PCB has high stability
-Bullet LED has high brightness
-Accept OEM/ODM