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LED Solar road studs light on the highway

With the continuous progress and development of society, traffic is becoming more and more accessible. In order to better facilitate people's life and travel, various traffic safety products emerge in an endless stream, including LED solar road stud lights. Its exquisite and small aluminum shell design, coupled with the independent power generation function of solar technology, is deeply favored by people. Although it is evolved from traditional road studs, it is more environmentally friendly, durable, and cost-effective.


At night, some road lighting is insufficient and the vehicle speed is too fast, which brings hidden dangers to driving safety. In many places where it was difficult to distinguish the lane at night and it was difficult to see the vehicle stop line, the installation of road stud lights has avoided the interference of rain and fog on safe driving to a certain extent. The high-intensity light of solar road studs can penetrate rain and fog, highlight the outline of the driving line ahead, safely and effectively point out the driving direction for drivers, and create a safe travel environment.
On the expressway, these solar road studs that can work constantly at night are installed, which makes the road line clear, and the driver's reaction time to the road ahead is also extended by more than 30 seconds, effectively reducing The occurrence of traffic accidents. Moreover, solar road stud lights can be set in different colors according to needs, which not only improves the driving safety facilities but also improves the appearance of the expressway. To a certain extent, it also reduces the degree of light pollution and reduces energy consumption. burden.
Solar road stud lights are generally installed at the marking position on the outer edge of the road or the center line in the middle of the road. During the day, solar panels are used to absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery inside the road stud. When night falls, solar energy works independently by emitting light to warn and guide vehicles, preventing and reducing road traffic accidents. Moreover, the embedded installation method of solar road stud lights does not occupy the space of the driveway and will not cause road bumps, so drivers are full of praise for it.
Road traffic safety is getting more and more attention. Solar road studs appear on more and more urban roads. Compared with LED road studs on expressways, they play a variety of roles. According to the design appearance and Different load-bearing capacities, they are also installed on different occasions to play different roles.