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LED Solar road stud lights on the edge of the road

Solar road stud lights are road safety devices that are widely used all over the world. Compared with traditional road studs, it has added the function of lighting and does not require wiring to connect to the mains during installation, saving power and manpower consumption. Higher-power light brightness also improves the safety warning ability to a certain extent, and the functions of solar road stud lights are also diverse, and they are not subject to various limitations like before, even in remote and incomplete mountainous areas Still usable on road.


LED Solar road stud lights are based on traditional reflective road studs, with solar panels and batteries embedded inside. Under the condition of sufficient sunlight during the day, they can be fully charged in 8 hours and can work in the constant light mode for 120 hours. The working time of the flashing light mode will add another three natural days to the premise of the constant light mode. And this kind of solar road stud light does not need to take a long time to maintain, and the service life can reach more than 3 years. In general, solar road stud lights that work on the road all year round will have some wear and tear. The cycle for our customers to replace solar road stud lights is also between 2-3 years.
To increase the service life of solar road stud lights, the waterproof condition has also reached IP68, and their basic load-bearing capacity starts at 20 tons, and some aluminum solar road stud lights can even reach a bearing capacity of 40 tons, so these The parameters also determine the availability of solar road stud lights. At the same time, we also added different colors to the road stud lights, such as red, green, yellow, blue, green, white, etc., because according to some regulations on road traffic safety, traffic lights of different colors indicate different meanings, so the solar road studs also continue the same rule.
At the night, the solar road studs installed on the edge of the road not only modify the outline of the road but also broaden the driver's field of vision. Under the extension of the light, you can better grasp the road ahead and avoid traffic accidents. occur. Especially on remote mountainous roads, the climate conditions in mountainous areas are changeable, and the vision of drivers and passengers is limited by heavy fog and rainy weather. The high power of solar road stud lights can better illuminate the road under these severe weather conditions. Maintain traffic safety.
The emergence of LED road studs is not only due to the development of solar technology, but also people's attention to traffic safety. Traffic accidents that occur every year cause one person to lose his life every six minutes. Therefore, the development of high technology is also driven the development of human civilization, as well as people's attention and respect for life.